2018 ALHS Annual General Meeting

The Arrow Lakes Historical Society AGM is coming up on April 6th, at 2:00 PM, at the Archives. Jim Robertson will be talking about Burton history, with a slideshow of rarely seen historical images of Burton. New members are always welcome. We are located in the back of the Centennial building, behind the library, 92 – 6th Avenue NW, in Nakusp.

BC Historical Federation Conference in Nakusp

The 2018 British Columbia Historical Federation Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting will take place in Nakusp between May 24 and 27, 2018, hosted by the Arrow Lakes Historical Society.
The conference kicks off with a welcome reception in the evening on Thursday, May 24. Friday, there will be opening ceremonies, keynote addresses, and a bus field trip to New Denver and Sandon, followed by a historical slide show/lecture in the evening. Saturday will see the Federation AGM, a media panel, historical lectures/presentations, and bus tours to Trout Lake and Halcyon Hot Springs, or to Nakusp Hot Springs. That evening, a gala awards banquet will be held at which outstanding contributions by individuals and groups who study and promote British Columbia history will be recognized through the presentation of awards or special certificates.
Registration is now open. Visit the British Columbia Historical Federation conference page for more news and information.



DVDs Available

Our Coloured Past DVD is 84 minutes long and has the best coloured photos and slides of our collection. These are from 1940 up to 1985 and are from Trout Lake to Renata, Fauquier to Ferguson, and everywhere in between. The Arrow Lakes underwent a multitude of changes between those years which are shown in the photos on this DVD. There are sternwheelers, silver mines, July 1st parades, pre-Keenleyside Dam landscapes or bears being hand-fed from the bow of a tugboat. This presentation captures pivotal moments and scenes throughout the Arrow Lakes region. $15 + $2 shipping & handling


The Ichi100 DVD is 60 minutes long and is a celebration of the photographs and films of Ichiro Shiino on the occasion of his 100th birthday. Originally from Cumberland, Vancouver Island, Ichiro Shiino (1915-1999) arrived in the West Kootenay as a Japanese-Canadian internee. Though arriving under the bleakest of circumstances, ‘Ichi’ persevered to become a beloved member of the Arrow Lakes community for over half a century. From his arrival in Nakusp in 1943, Shiino documented the region through films, drawings, and thousands of photographs developed in his private dark room. Many of these photographs were published in local newspapers and magazines. We offer this presentation as a tribute to his kind, industrious spirit. $15 + $2 shipping & handling


Milton Parent’s taped interviews are being put onto the website and so far 225 interviews have been done. That is about halfway to the completion of the entire collection and which can be listened to now by the public.

Upcoming Slide Shows for 2015

We will be trying to have the shows on the 3rd Friday of the month at the new archives office at the back of the Centennial building at 92 – 6th Ave NW. This is where the Museum and Library are already housed. The Paddlewheel Tourist Booth is next door.


Admission is by donation and there will be coffee tea and goodies.



In February on Friday the 20th at 7 p.m. we will be showing an old favourite slide show called Our Coloured Past. We’ve revamped the show for 2015 by adding brand-new images and footage, and have restored many of the older slides as well. This year marks the 75th anniversary of colour photography in Nakusp. This is the only time the show will run in 2015, so don’t miss out!

History Comes Alive Montage

In March on Friday the 20th at 7 p.m. we will be showing History Comes Alive which has only been shown once before. This show was standing room only the first time we showed it, so make sure to come early.

Shiino Montage

In April on Friday the 17th at 7 p.m. we will be showing ICHI100, a series of photographs and movies that were taken starting in the 1940s when Ichiro Shiino came to Nakusp. For over half-a-century, Ichi documented the lifestyle of the Arrow Lakes with his photographs and movies. He took photos of many occasions such as July 1st celebrations and graduations, as well as landscapes and industrial imagery. His movies are unique in that they depict the last run of the Minto and the tugboat industry that occurred up until 1968 to name a few. Ichi would have been 100 years old in June and this is a tribute to him.

2015 Newsletter

2015 Newsletter


written by David Coleman

We wish to extend to all a late but happy and good New Year!

1. Requests from far and wide for assistance continues and we are happy to be able to help – over 600 from as far away as England and the U.S.   Many have come from emails from people who have looked at our website.  If you have not looked at our upgraded site for a while, check it out- www.

2. Grants:  We are very grateful for the Grants we received in 2014.  These are much needed for equipment for our new building and for Kyle’s wages.  Grants included B.C. Gaming ($6000); Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance – CKCA ($4000) to digitize photosWe have over 15,000 photos digitized so far and we are finally using up the CKCA 2009 grant of $20,000 for furniture and equipment; NACFOR ($6,000) and Nakusp Foundation ($500) for our entrance sidewalkWe thank Rosemarie and staff for all the hard work they have done to prepare and follow up the applications for these grants.  We also wish to thank all of the volunteers who have contributed over a total of 2000 hours to our Society this year!

3. Highlights & Events in 2014:

  • Our Opening Ceremony & Ribbon Cutting for our new building was held on April 5th with over 80 people attending.  A surprise and much needed cheque for $9000 was presented to Rosemarie by Paul Peterson from the RDCK.  We thank all those who helped with the heavy move of maps, file cabinets, books, binders and furniture, from our old offices to our new building in February.
  • Our AGM was held in April at our new building.  Bruce Rohn’s photos were a big success as was Greg Nesteroff’s post card collection.
  • We hosted the AGM for the Heritage Foundation of South East B.C. at our new building in September.
  • Our field trip this year was to Birds Landing and Old Arrow Park.  Members and guests toured the sites of these pioneer communities in September and enjoyed a picnic lunch at the Old Arrow Park Memorial Grounds.  Booklets showing maps and notes about these places were prepared by Ollie Roberts, Kyle and David and were given to participants.
  • Kyle prepared and presented many Slide Shows on the history of Nakusp and the Arrow Lakes.  Presentations were given at the Archives, the Seniors Centre and Selkirk College.  The shows are for education and are also used to raise funds for the Society.
  • Ken Williams and Kyle presented a slide show on the 100th Anniversary of WW1 held at the Archives and a slide show on the 70th Anniversary of D Day at the Legion.
  • A DVD on the MINTO, done by Milton, is now available.  The 10 minute video can be purchased for $5.
  • An 80 inch TV and sound system was purchased and installed for our slide shows. 
  • Our members volunteered at many fundraising and promotional events for the ALHS including Meat Draws at the Legion, Bingo and Silent Auction, PALS “Creative Hands” Craft Fair, the sale of used books, and slide shows.

4. Upcoming Events and Activities for 2015:

  • A Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the ALHS will be held on Saturday, January 24 from 1:00 to 5:00 at the new Archives.  The actual date of our Anniversary was in December, 2014 but it was too busy a time of year to hold the celebration then.  We hope all members and many others from the community can attend.
  • Our AGM will be held on Friday, April 10 from 1-5 p.m.  We encourage all to come and bring friends if you wish.  The BC Gaming Grant requires that we send in the AGM minutes and want to see a good attendance of members at the meeting.  We are hoping Hal Wright from Sandon will speak about Sandon’s history.  It is possible that our field trip for 2016 will be to Sandon.
  • A new book on the MINTO is being written by Bruce Rohn and we hope it will be published next year.
  • Our field trip for 2015 will be to the old Fauquier and Needles area on September 19th.  Peggy is preparing maps for the tour and Bruce and David are adding information about these communities.
  • Digitizing Photos:  Kyle will be helping four of our members who are interested in learning how to do work with photos.  He is continuing to work on thousands of photos by Milton and those donated by several families.
  • Landscaping of our entrance with a garden of plants and bushes is planned for the Spring.
  • The BC History magazine will have a feature article about our Society in the Spring edition.
  • Slide Shows:  Kyle will be doing more of these in the upcoming year.

Hopefully, you will continue to support our society by keeping up your membership with us.

Memberships are $5 per year,   Life Memberships are $50

Meetings are held at our office during the day – the 3rd Thursday of the month at 3 p.m.  We don’t meet during the summer or at Christmas but we do have a Christmas party mid-December for members and guests.  New members are always welcome.

Our office hours are yearlong – Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10-3, except for 2 weeks during Christmas.  We hope that you will visit our office and see what we have and what we have accomplished.  Also if you have any archive items or information that you would like to donate, we would appreciate receiving them.

Mailing address:   Box 819, Nakusp BC   V0G1R0

Phone/Fax:   250-265-0110      Alternate Phone:   250-265-3323

Email address:  [email protected]      Alternate Email[email protected]


Our location is the new annex to the Nakusp Library and Museum.  Our offices are on the second floor.  The building is wheelchair accessible and an elevator is available.  Our parking lot and entrance are behind the Post Office.  Come and visit us!