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2014.003.1721 BC1533:68

: 2014.003.1721

: B40-6


: 1952-- - --

: John Grigg

: 1950s, aerial image, Canadian Pacific Railway, Church Hill Road, farms, Government Hill, Government Hill Road, Highway 6, Home Ranch, Nakusp & Slocan Railway, and Shakespeare Road

: Glenbank and Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Detail of 1952 forestry air photo of Nakusp focusing on northeast Nakusp and extreme west Glenbank (Home Ranch, future Valhalla subdivision, Government Hill, and Shakespeare Avenue). Nakusp & Slocan (Canadian Pacific) Railway runs through image. Northeast corner of Nakusp village at top left. Highway 6 switchbacks up Government Hill at left. Church Hill Road meets Shakespeare Avenue at bottom. Home Ranch occupies right half of image.

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