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2013.027.7 Musicfest 2007

: 2013.027.7



: 2007-07-13 - 2007-07-15

: Estate of Milton Parent

: Milton Parent

: 1st Street NW, 2000s, aerial image, camping, Kuskanax Mountain, Nakusp Elementary School, Nakusp Music Fest, Nakusp Recreation Park, Nakusp Secondary School, school, and Upper Arrow Lake

: Nakusp

1 colour photograph (28.0 cm x 21.6 cm)

Aerial view of Nakusp townsite looking north from downtown during Nakusp Music Fest 2007, 13-15 July 2007. Nakusp Recreation Park (the festival site) at left. Nakusp Secondary School & Nakusp Elementary School fields used by campers at centre. 1st Street NW runs left-right (west-east) through bottom of image. Upper Arrow Lake at top left, Kuskanax Mountain at top right.

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