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Louise’s Ma & Dad 1st home – about 1909




: 1909--

: Leslie Yanak

: 1900s, farms, Hoogerwerf; Bouke (AKA De Graaf; Derek), Hoogerwerf; Clasiena (De Graaf), Hoogerwerf; John, Hoover; Joe (Hoogerwerf), and Reyden; Clasiene (Hoogerwerf)

: Brouse

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Hoogerwerf house, Brouse, 1909, lots 39-40-41 (435-455 Brouse Loop Road). Inscribed on back: 'L-R: Grandpa (Opa), uncle John, Granny, uncle Bouke, Uncle Joe, Ma, Dad, & Auntie.' 'Opa' is Jan Hoogerwerf. 'Granny' is Clasiena (Klasiena) Hoogerwerf. 'Auntie' is Clasiena (Hoogerwerf) Reyden.

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