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2016.012.4.11 Huckleberry group

: 2016.012.4.11



: 1944-08- - --

: Bruce Rohn

: Walker family

: Berry; Charlie, Berry; Mrs., Berry; Sylvia, farms, Johnson; Mrs. Arlow, Johnson; Rev. Arlow, produce, Soules; David, Soules; Davida, and Soules; Donnie

: Burton

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Group of huckleberry pickers posing at Burton, August 1944. TOP (l-r): Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Johnson, ?, Mrs. Soules, ?, Mrs. Kylo. MID: Charlie Berry, Donnie Soules, David Soules, ? Kylo, Reverend Johnson. BOT: Sylvia Berry, Davida Soules, Kylo's son

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