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Hoo-Hah, Nakusp Centennial Golf Club




: 1990-- - 1995--

: Milton Parent

: Bryan Anglin (Monashee Color)

: 1990s, Abbey; Art, Barlow; Cam, Chwachka; Carl, Coates; Keith, Coates; Robert, Derbyshire; Sandy, Derbyshire; Tad, Desrochers; Doreen (Parent), Desrochers; Ed, Desrochers; Frances (Urban), French; Marilyn, golf, Gran; Arden, Gran; Judy (Hascarl), Graupe; Gord, Graupe; Tyler, Hanson; Joyce (Yano), Hanson; Vern, Hascarl; Tammy (Cound), Haugland; Gordon, Haugland; Linda, Hewer; Kathi, Hogg; Janice, Hogg; Rick, Hoo-Hah, Johnson; Kim, Johnson; Rosemarie (Masson), Krbyla; Jon, Lillies; Caroline, Mair; Donna (McQuair), Mair; Lloyd, Marchischuk; Joyce, Marchischuk; Roger, McInnes; Linda, McInnes; Malcolm, McQuair; Colin 'Mod', Mueller; Herb, Murao; Aki, Murao; Eileen, Nakusp Centennial Golf Club, Nishida; Ken, Noyes; Joanne, Parent; Milton, Rogers; Elaine (Homis), Scott; Brenda (Robins), Scott; Sandi, Seaton; Doug, Sinclair; Anita (Noyes), and Watt; Dan

: Brouse

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Large group photo of 108 players at Tad Derbyshire's Hoo-Hah golf tournament, early 1990s. Photo by Bryan Anglin, Monashee Color. Known people by number as assigned on image copy in book: 1. Fred Desrochers 3. Aki Murao 6. Elaine Rogers 9. Kathi Hewer 10. Rosemarie Johnson 13. Herb Mueller 14. Roger Marchischuk 15. Frances Desrochers 17. Sandy Derbyshire 22. Jan Olsen? 23. Carl Chwachka 24. Ed Desrochers 25. Donna Mair 26. Janice Hogg 29. Marilyn French 34. Jon Krbyla? 40. Lloyd Mair 46. Cam Barlow 48. Linda McInnes 50. Milt Parent 53. Rick Hogg 56. Doreen Desrochers 57. Robert Coates 58. Judy Gran 63. Keith Coates 64. Sandi Scott 65. Tad Derbyshire 68. Dan Watt 69. Doug Seaton 70. Malcolm McInnes 71. Gord Graupe 72. Vern Hanson 73. Joyce Hanson 78. Tammy Dachwitz 79. Kim Johnson 84. Eileen Murao 85. Joyce Marchischuk 88. Art Abbey 93. Gordon 'Bubs' Haugland 94. Linda Haugland 95. Arden Gran 98. Ken Nishida 99. Mod McQuair 100. Anita Sinclair 101. Joanne Noyes 102. Caroline Lillies 103. Brenda Scott 104. Tyler Graupe 109. ? Bowman

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