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Arrow Lakes
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Arrow Lakes Historical Society Tour of Birds Landing and Arrow Park




: 2014-09-06

: David Coleman

: Bruce Rohn and David Coleman

: 2010s, Arrow Lakes Historical Society, Arrow Park (Mosquito) Creek, Bobicki; Tony, bridge, Coleman; David, Desrochers; Doreen (Parent), Detta; Gale (Nelson), Froese; Kathy (Giraud), Giraud; Sasha, Grand Hotel, Henke; Betty (Miller), Hurry; Evelyn, Konkin; Peggy (Ratcliffe), Matsuoka; Yu, Miller; Bob, Mosquito Creek Bridge, Nesteroff; Greg, Papov; Gwen, Parent; Rosemarie (Portelance), Robertson Memorial United Church, Taylor; Marilyn, and Ure; Frances

: Arrow Park

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Group portrait of Arrow Lakes Historical Society members posing on Mosquito Creek Bridge, Arrow Park, 6 September 2014, during tour of historic townsites of Birds Landing and Arrow Park. L-R: Betty Miller, Bob Miller, Rosemarie Parent, Greg Nesteroff, Marilyn Taylor, Fran Ure, Gwen Papov, Doreen Desrochers, Evelyn Hurry, Olive Roberts, Yu Matsuoka (Japanese exchange student), Kathy Froese, David Coleman, Gale Detta, Kathy Grand, Sasha Giraud, Peggy Konkin, Tony Bobicki. MISSING: Bruce Rohn (photographer), Curry Morton

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