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992.003.24 Party “Kids” dress up, at Mary & Archie Matheson’s about 1941 or 42.

: 992.003.24



: 1941-- - 1942--

: Edith Barrow

: 1940s, Barrow; Edith (Pratt), Bowes; Herb, Brown; Alice, Davis; Milt, Fowler; Kathleen 'Kay', Gardner; Hunter Jr., Gardner; Phyllis (Sheffield), Harris; Jack, Harris; Molly (Islip), Harvey; Nellie, Johnson; Doris (Harvey), Jones; Albert robertson 'Roy', Kerr; Lillias, Matheson; Archie, Matheson; Mary, Parent; Della (Leveque), Truscott; Len, Ward; Mabel (Bjorkland Alpsen), and Woods; Fred

: Nakusp

1 b/w photograph (13.4 cm x 8.9 cm)

Group portrait of partygoers in Archie Matheson & Mary Matheson's living room, Nakusp, ca. 1941-1942. TOP(l-r): Kay Fowler, Mabel Alpsen, Fred Woods, Archie Matheson. MID: Roy Jones, Doris Harvey, Hunter Gardner, Della Parent, Edith Barrow, Milt Davis, Nellie Harvey, Mary Matheson, Molly Islip. BOT: Jack Harris, Lillias Kerr, Phyllis Sheffield, ?, ?, ?, Len Truscott, Herb Bowes, Alice Brown.

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