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992.003.20 Fox Farm Nakusp

: 992.003.20



: 1924--

: Edith Barrow

: 1920s, farms, fox, fur trapping, Glenmore (farm), and postcard

: Glenbank

1 b/w postcard (10.8 cm x 8.2 cm)

Postcard showing fox inside enclosure, Glenmore fox farm, Glenbank, 1924. Notes from Milton Parent: 'Glenmore Fox Farm 1924. Ten acres — Glenbank. Shareholders: E.W. Somers (Ernie Somers), James Wagstaff, Willie Waterfield, Jack Cadden. Later owned by M. Embree. John Brown of PEI was shareholder and manager. 12 pair of foxes at $1000 per pair.'

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