Paddle steamer wheel

Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

991.015.1 Termite

: 991.015.1



: 1930-- - 1945--

: Dick Fowler and Jean Fowler

: Hughes Studio

: 1930s, Lower Arrow Lake, and Termite (boat)

1 colourised photograph (25.1 cm x 20.2 cm)

Hand-coloured photograph of boat Termite sailing on Lower Arrow Lake, ca. 1930s. Photo by Hughes Studio, Trail. Botes from Bruce Rohn: 'The boat was called the Termite and belonged to George Walker of Deer Park. It has quite a history to it as it was made out of other boats. The original boat ran on Kootenay Lake for the Anglican Church Mission and was called St. Mary Stafford. It was a gas engine. When Walker and Fowler got the boat, I guess they looked around for a steam engine and found one from a steam launch on Kootenay Lake. Him and Dick Fowler got the engine and put it in in 1940-41.'

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