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989.36 The Great Bear Hunt at Nakusp B C Aug 7 13

: 989.36



: 1913-08-07

: Revelstoke Museum & Archives

: Ernest Bill

: 1910s, Bailey; Jack, Baldwin; Daisy (Moul), bear, Dawson; Dolly (Moul), Denholm; Amy (Gardner), Dougan; Maude (Gardner), Gardner; Hubert Gifford 'Bert', Gardner; Smith, Gregory; Charlie, Gregory; Jane, Gregory; Wes, Grigg; John Jr., Hendren; Lily (Moul), Home Ranch, Hopkins; Mabel (Parkinson), Hughes; Hildred (Gardner), hunting, Kirk; Dorothy, Kirk; Joe, McQuair; Maude (Parkinson), Moul; Emily Caroline, Moul; John, Moul; Theo, Parkinson; Ben, Parkinson; Ed, Parkinson; Lydia Jr., Parkinson; Lydia Sr., postcard, rifles, and Taylor; Hugh

: Glenbank

1 b/w postcard (12.6 cm x 8.8 cm)

Postcard, group posing with killed bear, 7 August 1913, Thomas Abriel's Home Ranch, Glenbank. TOP (l-r): John Moul, Hugh Taylor, Crowell, Jack Bailey, Bennett, Jane Gregory, Maude Parkinson, Lydia Parkinson (elder) with Mabel Parkinson, Charles Gregory Jr., Emily Moul, Daisy Moul, Dorothy Kirk, Maude Gardner. MID (l-r):Theo Moul, Joe Kirk, Hildred Gardner or Amy Gardner, Ben Parkinson, Gregory, Wes Gregory, Bert Gardner, Helen Gardner, Grigg. BOT (l-r):Smith Gardner, Ed Parkinson, Lydia Parkinson (younger), Lily Moul, Dolly Moul, John Grigg. Notes: 'A copy of a postcard sent by James Cameron to his mother Elizabeth Cameron in Vancouver – probably about 1913. Mr. Cameron was a salesman for the Ramsay Biscuit company.'. Inscription on rear: 'Dear Mother, How would you like to have a hug from a big black bear. There are quite a few around here. Do you notice how everybody seems happy in this picture, that is because they eat Ramsay's soda crackers. With love and XXX from Jimmie'

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