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986. “Maggie” Livingstone and “Kelly” Calhoun in “Quit Your Kidding”

: 986.



: 1920-03- - --

: Della Parent

: Kill Kare Klub

: 1920s, 312 3rd Avenue NW, Calhoun; Whitmore Pipes, Kill Kare Club, Livingstone; Ethel, and play/theatre

: Nakusp

1 b/w photograph (6.2 cm x 10.0 cm)

Ethel Livingstone (left) and Whitmore Calhoun (right) of Nakusp's Kill Kare Klub in costume, March 1920. The duo performed the novelty act "Quit Yer Kiddin'" at the Opera House, Nakusp, 25 March 1920. Photograph found on page 10 of Kill Kare Klub scrapbook (accession number 986.4.1). Note proper spellings of 'Calhoun' and 'Quit Yer Kiddin''.

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