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978.24 A Group of old timers assembled in Nakusp in 1933.

: 978.24



: 1933-08-22 - --

: Arrow Lakes Historical Society

: 1930s, Aalten; Hendrik, Allen; J.D., Allshouse; Tom, Avison; T., Beck; H., Cadden; Jack, Deane; D., Fitzsimmons; Capt. James, Fry; Martin Markham, Gardner; Hunter Sr., Green; Robert 'Bob', Hamer; Peter, Hamling; Chris Sr., Harris; J.C., Hartford; A., Herridge; William 'Willie', Jones; Henry, Kelsall; H., Keys; George, Kirk; Fletcher, Knights of Pythias Hall, McDonald; D.W., McLean; M., Miller; J., Morgan; William, Moseley; William Isaac 'Bill', Muxlow; Ted, Old Man's Day, Parent; Joseph Sr., Pratt; William J. 'Bill', Riley; Joe, Scott; Walter, Spiers; J.A., Thompson; Rev. Canon George, Wagstaff; James, and Webster; J.E.

: Nakusp

1 b/w photograph (21.2 cm x 15.9 cm on 23.8 cm x 20.4 cm matte)

Group portrait of senior citizens, Honour to Old Age celebration, Knights of Pythias Hall (89 Lake Avenue S), Nakusp, 22 August 1933. TOP (l-r): Hendrik Aalten, J.T. Riley (Joe Riley), C.B. Hamling (Chris Hamling Sr.), E.C. Muxlow (Ted Muxlow), Jack Cadden, Capt. James Fitzsimmons, J.D. Allen, J.A. Spiers, Joseph Parent Sr., Rev. Canon George Thompson, J.C. Harris, H. Beck (Albert Beck?), H. Kelsall, W.I. Moseley (Bill Moseley), G.H. Gardner (Hunter Gardner Sr.), H.J. Jones (Henry Jones), M. McLean. R.F. Kirk (Fletcher Kirk), G.H. Keys (George Keys), J.E. Webster, E. Morgan, T.W. Allshouse (Tom Allshouse), T. Avison. BOT: Peter Hamer, J. Miller, A. Hartford, D.W. McDonald, James Wagstaff, W.J. Pratt (Bill Pratt), M.M Fry (Martin Fry), Walter Scott, D. Deane, Robert Green, Willie Herridge.

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