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970.32.9.117 Teddy May refuses to face the camera, 1921

: 970.32.9.117



: 1921--

: Charlie Slade

: Emily Slade

: 1920s, Columbia River, May; Alice, May; Bert, May; Fred, May; Mary, May; Ted, O'Brien; Emily (May), The Narrows, and West Demars wharf

: West Demars

1 b/w photograph (10.7 cm x 8.1 cm)

Women and children posing on West Demars wharf, The Narrows, Columbia River, 1921. Mary May holding Ted May second from top left. Alice May at centre. Emily May at top centre. Fred May at bottom centre. Bert May at bottom right. Photo found on page 58 of photo album 970.32.9.

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