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Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

491 Borgats at Osprey Interpretive Lookout




: 2008-06-05

: Arrow Lakes Historical Society

: 2000s, Arrow Lakes Historical Society, Borgat; Anne, Borgat; François, Borgat; François-Xavier, Borgat; Mme., Borgat; Père Bertrand Jeanroy, Osprey Interpretive Lookout, and Perkins; John

: Bayview

1 colour photograph (15.1 cm x 10.2 cm)

Group portrait at Osprey Interpretive Lookout above Bayview during during Borgat family trip to Canada, 5 June 2008. The family are descendants of the Borgat brothers who pioneered farming in the Arrow Lakes valley in 1890 when they founded the Rock Island Ranch. L-R: Anne Borgat, Père Bertrand Jeanroy Borgat, wife of François Borgat, François Borgat, Milton Parent (Arrow Lakes Historical Society), John Perkins (interpreter), wife of François-Xavier Borgat, François-Xavier Borgat.

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