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2023.027.009.010 Walter Nelson and others waiting at a train station

: 2023.027.00.010



: 1910-- - 1919--

: Winnie Ehl

: Buchholz; Frederick A. 'Fred', Hinchey; William John, Jenks; Fred, Langille; James 'Jim', McGaghran; Jim, Nelson; Walter Scott, Riddick; Robert, Sandham; Gus, and Vars; Almus Norton

1 photograph : bw ; 9 x 6cm

Walter Nelson, Almus Vars, Fred Jenks, Bob Riddick, W. J. Hinchey, Gus Sandham, Jim McGaghran(?), Jim Langille and Fred Buckholz sitting at a train station ca. 1910. Inscription on rear, "Walter Nelson. A group of train day bench warmers. Back row, Al Vars, Fred Jenks, Bob Redich. Front row; J. W. Hinchey, Gus San___m, Jim McGacheron, Walt Nelson, Jim Longille, Fred Buck____z"

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