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2020.007.6.1 Uyeda family, New Westminster, 1930s

: 2020.007.6.1



: 1932-- - --

: Uyeda Family Estate

: 1930s, Mercer Street, Queensborough (New Westminster), Uyeda; Atsushi 'Atsu', Uyeda; Masayuki 'Masa', Uyeda; Teruko 'Terrie', Uyeda; Yonezo, and Uyeda; Yukiye

: New Westminster

1 b/w photograph (17.3 cm x 12.3 cm)

Uyeda family posing on stoop of their home, 106 Mercer Street, Queensborough, New Westminster, ca. 1932. L-R: ?, Masa Uyeda (Masayuki Uyeda), Yonezo Uyeda, Terrie Uyeda (Teruko Uyeda), Yukiye Uyeda holding Atsu Uyeda (Atsushi Uyeda). Inscription on rear by Roger Pratt, partner of Teruko Uyeda: 'This photograph is probably Mr & Mrs Uyeda with Terrie, Masa and Atsushi in the 1930's in New Westminster. Other gentleman unknown. R. Pratt 2020'.

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