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2020.007.3.36 Nakusp High School graduating class and faculty, 1955

: 2020.007.3.36



: 1955-06- - --

: Estate of Michiyo Uyeda

: 1950s, Arrow Lakes Theatre, Baird; Doug, bakery, Bolstad; Hugh, Brown; June, Carswell; Lorna (Aalten), Desrochers; Frances (Urban), Falkiner; Leonard, high school graduation, Horrey; Doug, Inouye; Harry, Johnson; Rosemarie (Masson), Lake; Barbara (Waterfield), Leech; Mr., Lelievre; Dennis, MacDonnell; Irene, MacPherson; Faye (Haines), Miller; Monica, Nakusp High School, Nakusp Natural Bakery, Pakula; Jeanette (Henke), play/theatre, school, Slocan Avenue, Surina; Joe, Thygesen; John, Urban; David, Uyeda; Michiyo 'Mickie', and Woldum; Gordon

: Nakusp

1 b/w photograph (17.7 cm x 12.8 cm)

Nakusp High School graduating class of 1955 portrait with faculty, Slocan Avenue (Nakusp Bakery at left, Arrow Lakes Theatre at right), Nakusp, June 1955. TOP (l-r): David Urban, Harry Inouye, Douglas Baird, Joe Surina, Doug Horrey, Leonard Falkiner, Gordon Woldum. MID: Barbara Waterfield, Lorna Aalten, Rosemarie Masson, Frances Urban, Mickie Uyeda, Monica Miller, Irene MacDonnell, Faye Haines, Jeanette Henke, June Brown. BOT: Mr. Leech, Hugh Bolstad, John Thygesen, Dennis Lelievre.

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