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2020.001.19 Student Council 1991-92

: 2020.001.19



: 1991-- - 1992--

: Nakusp Secondary School

: Carson's Corner, Coates; Laura, Cruden; Tracy, Desrochers; Sue, Fraser; Charlotte, Fraser; Christina, Gustafson; Carolyn, Howe; Cindy, Knoess; Tracey, Koochin; Ed, Krbyla; Collie, Loring; Jeannie, Martens; Lori, Nakusp Secondary School, Pender; Vickie, school, Stevens; Jessica, Stevens; Theresa, Tatlock; Sancha, and Tourand; Stacy (Miskulin)

: Nakusp

1 colour photograph (35.0 cm x 27.8 cm)

Nakusp Secondary School Student Council, 1991-1992. TOP (L-R): Charlotte Fraser, Collie Krbyla, Christina Fraser, Vickie Pender, Lori Martens. MID: Theresa Stevens, Laura Coates, Jessica Stevens, Stacy Miskulin, Carolyn Gustafson, Tracy Cruden, Cindy Howe, Tracey Knoess, Jeannie Loring, Sue Desrochers, Sancha Tatlock. BOT: Ed Koochin (teacher representative), Greg Carson.

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