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2019.026.8 Jordan’s Store & Horses

: 2019.026.8



: 1912-- - 1914--

: Alan Craft

: Amos Burling and J.G. Craft

: 1910s, Bay Street, Canadian Dominion Development Company (Crescent Bay Orchards), Edwards; Lewis J., F.W. Jordan store, George Jordan Men's Wear, horse, Lake Avenue (Nakusp), Lodge's/Nakusp Ice Cream Parlour, postcard, Reid's store, store, wagon, and Wagstaff & Vestrup Hardware

: Nakusp

1 b/w glass negative (11.1 cm x 16.3 cm, part of 21.3 cm x 16.1 cm diptych with 2019.026.4)

Bay Street below Lake Avenue, ca. 1912-1914. Buildings (l-r): F.W. Jordan store, Wagstaff & Vestrup Hardware, George Jordan men's wear, Ice Cream Parlour, Canadian Dominion Development Company (Crescent Bay Orchards), L.J. Edwards, Drug Store, Tom Reid store. Jordan wagon at left. Photo by J.G. Craft, South Slocan (later Nelson).

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