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2019.026.16 “Minerva”

: 2019.026.16



: 1910-- - 1912--

: Alan Craft

: Amos Burling and J.G. Craft

: 1910s, Abbie; Bob, Abey; Frank, Abriel; Thomas, Baird; Mary, Bulger; Dave, Bush; Carsey, McDougald; Lyland Franklin 'Lyle', Minerva (boat), Nakusp Amateur Dramatic Society/Nakusp Dramatic Club, Upper Arrow Lake, Williams; Bob, and Yingling; Mike

: Nakusp

1 b/w glass negative (12.7 cm x 10.1 cm)

Group photo of club members on boat Minerva bearing 'N.A.D. Club' (Nakusp Amateur Drama Club) banner, 1910-1912. Dave Bulger (owner) standing on top of boat at left. Bob Williams above 'N'. Frank Abey family at rear of boat below Bulger with Bob Abbie at front. L-R inside boat: McKittrick, ?, ?, Mary Baird, Thomas Abriel, ?, boy, R.C. Bush, Lyle McDougald, boy, Mike Yingling, ?, ?. Boat would sink in 1915. Photo by J.G. Craft, South Slocan (later Nelson).

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