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2019.026.10 1st Bank of Commerce, Leveque’s Barber Shop, Restaurant.

: 2019.026.10



: 1911-- - 1915--

: Alan Craft

: Amos Burling and J.G. Craft

: 1910s, bank, barber shop, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, pool/billiards room, restaurant, Slocan Avenue, and The Recess (pool hall/barber shop)

: Nakusp

1 b/w glass negative (10.2 cm x 16.3 cm, part of 21.4 cm x 16.3 cm diptych with 2019.026.7)

Group gathered on sidewalk, east side of 80 block, Slocan Avenue South, Nakusp, 1911 (according to notes with Kate Johnson negative) or 1914-1915 (according to Craft print). Buildings L-R: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Eugene Leveque's barber shop and pool hall, Chinese cafe (originally Leveque's first barber shop), former store. Leveque's pool hall closed for 6 months in 1920 when he went to Winnipeg. Photo by J.G. Craft, South Slocan.

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