Paddle steamer wheel

Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2019.014.3 Area planted, 1945 burn on back side of Saddle Mountain, West of Nakusp.

: 2019.014.3



: 1957-05- - --

: Pope & Talbot

: Columbia Cellulose

: 1950s, Celgar (Columbia Cellulose/Canadian Cellulose), fire, forest fire, forestry, Monashee Mountains, Saddle Mountain, Tree Farm Licence 23, and treeplanting/silviculture

: Saddle Mountain

1 colour photograph (15.1 cm x 10.1 cm)

Scar from 1945 forest fire that served as the first treeplanting area on Tree Farm Licence #23 (Arrow Lakes region), west side of Saddle Mountain, May 1957.

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