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2019.013.16 McKees – Birdie & Earl, Wintersteen – Mr & Mrs, Shorty Finch, Mrs McGill, Mrs Armstrong

: 2019.013.16



: 1920-- - 1929--

: Estate of Peggy Konkin

: 1920s, Finch; Shorty, McGill; Anna, McKee; Birdie, McKee; Earl, Wintersteen; Sadie, and Wintersteen; Walter

: West Demars

1 b/w photograph (11.4 cm x 7.1 cm)

Large group portrait atop log piling, likely West Demars, ca. 1920s. People identified in photo include Sadie Wintersteen (fourth left), Walter Wintersteen (far right), Shorty Finch (fifth right, holding baby), Birdie McKee, Earl McKee, and Anna McGill.

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