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2018.040.9 First C.G.I.T. Nakusp, B.C.

: 2018.040.9



: 1921--

: Estate of Bessie Vaughan and Nakusp & District Museum

: 1920s, Allan; Katharine (McDougald), Buhl: Leota, Calhoun; Inez (Carlson), Canadian Girls In Training, Hurry; Florence 'Flo' (Dilley), Patterson; Isabelle, Vaughan; Bessie (McWhirter), Wiseman; Mrs., and Woodhouse; Hilda (Patterson)

: Nakusp

1 b/w photograph (5.0 x 6.9 cm)

First members of CGIT (Canadian Girls in Training), Carlson home, Nakusp, 1921. TOP (l-r): Mrs. Wiseman, Bessie McWhirter, Hilda Patterson, Kay McDougald. BOT: Flo Dilley, Isabelle Patterson, Leota Buhl, Inez Carlson.

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