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Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2018.032.273 Demolition of Domke house, 1971

: 2018.032.273

: T31-13


: 1971--

: Ian Fraser

: Milton Goddard

: 1970s, Arrow Lakes flooding (Columbia River Treaty), BC Parks, Blanket Creek Provincial Park, building demolition, Columbia River, Domke; Art, Domke; Kay, fire, and Upper Arrow Lake

: Blanket Creek and Twelve Mile

1 colour slide (35 mm)

Former home of Art Domke & Kay Domke being burned by BC Parks to clear site for new Blanket Creek Provincial Park south of former community of Twelve Mile, west shore of Upper Arrow Lake/Columbia River, 1971. This was the Art Domke & Kay Domke homestead prior to 1966 when the property was expropriated in advance of the flooding of the valley by Hugh Keenleyside Dam.

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