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2018.015.34.20 Jordan-Leary-Firbank family, four generations, December 1945

: 2018.015.34.20

: P50-8


: 1945-12-

: Doreen Davies

: Sheila Leary

: 1940s, Firbank; Brian, Jordan-Williams; Blanche, Leary; Bessie Florence (Jordan), and Leary; Sheila Florence (Firbank; Fleming)

1 b/w negative (45 mm)

Four generations of the Jordan/Leary/Firbank family of Nakusp and Edgewood, December 1945. TOP-BOT: Blanche Jordan-Williams, Florence Leary (nee Florence Jordan, daughter), Brian Firbank (great-grandson), Sheila Firbank (nee Sheila Leary, granddaughter).

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