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2018.008.1 Japanese Canadian firefighters’ names carved in tree, Low Pass

: 2018.008.1



: 2003-05- - --

: Estate of Milton Parent

: Rosemarie Parent

: 1940s, 2000s, fire, forest fire, forestry, Japanese Canadian internment, Japanese Canadians, Lemon Creek internment camp, Low Pass, tree, woodcut, and World War II

: Low Pass

1 colour photograph (10.2 cm x 15.1 cm)

Woodcut on cedar tree near Low Pass Road west of Upper Arrow Lake made by interned Japanese Canadian firefighters from Lemon Creek internment camp, 28 July 1945, as photographed in May 2003. The woodcut was discovered in 1999 by Pope & Talbot cruising coordinator Ken Williams and saved by Nakusp logger Joe Surina in 2002. The woodcut was given to the Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre in New Denver. Inscription: 'Lemon Creek Firefighters/Edamura/Doc Aruno/Koyana/Suda/Ishii/Marubashi/Nonaka/Miyoshi/Tsunenomi/Kojima/Mihara/Sakon/Ogaia/July 28 1945.'

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