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2018.004.20 Carter’s slide looking down Cody gulch. March 1938, Sandon.

: 2018.004.20



: 1938-03-

: E. Annette Huyter and James Albert Terry

: Walter Terry

: 1930s, avalanche, and Kootenay slide (1938)

: Sandon

1 b/w photograph (14.7 cm x 8.7 cm)

Debris (foreground) from avalanche in Sandon's upper gulch looking east, March 1938. Houses at bottom left. Notes: 'The long level structure in the snow covered opening in the centre of photo is the 60,000 gallon wooden tank (reservoir) for Johnny Harris' hydroelectric plant and the Sandon city water system. Water was carried to this tank by wooden flumes from Sandon and tributary creeks. The tank was dismantled in about 1979 to make way for a new road constructed to the 3850' foot level of the Silvana mine. Hal Wright built this road with his D7 cat.'

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