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2017.034.27 Nakusp Public School—Division II 1940

: 2017.034.27



: 1940-- - --

: Estate of Hazel Fellows

: 1940s, Beingessner; Laura (Robson), Berard; Art, Brodie; Jim, Bryan; Dorothy (Herridge), Cann; Syl, Chappell; Margaret, Collinge; Jean, Dolman; Frank, Henke; Betty (Miller), Hurd; Margaret (Vinall), Johnson; Olive, Kerr; Ruby (Berard), Maitland; Pat, Marshall; Roy, Marshall; Ruth, McMillan; Ivy (Cann), Meikle; Mavis (Barlow), Morton; Tom, Motherwell; Earl, Nakusp Centennial Building, Nakusp School (1912-1957), Olson; Dorothy, Olson; Johnny, Olson; Roy, Robson; Jim, school, Soderman; Selma, Surina; Louis, Sutherland; Gordon, and Walton; Betty (White)

: Nakusp

1 b/w photograph (17.7 cm x 12.8 cm)

Class portrait at school entrance, Division II, Nakusp Public School (92 Lake Avenue NW), 1940. TOP (l-r): Roy Marshall, Syl Cann, John Olson, Frank Dolman, Jim Robson, Gord Sutherland, Roy Olson, Louis Surina, Betty White (teacher). MID: Margaret Vinall, Pat Maitland, Betty Miller, Dorothy Herridge, Tom Morton, Art Berard, Earl Motherwell, Jim Brodie, BOT: Selma Soderman, Olive Johnson, Ruby Berard, Mavis Barlow, Laura Robson, Ruth Marshall, Margaret Chappell, Dorothy Olson, Ivy Cann, Jean Collinge.

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