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2017.025.6.16 Dora-Gale-Eileen-Theo-Alice-Shirley-Norma

: 2017.025.6.16



: 2008--

: Gale Detta

: St. Andrew's United Church

: 2000s, Brown; Dora, Cannon; Norma, church, Detta; Gale (Nelson), Huitema; Theo, Neuls; Shirley, St. Andrew's United Church (Burton), Townsend; Eileen, and Watson; Alice

: Burton

1 colour photograph (15.1 cm x 7.8 cm)

Celebration for Gale Detta upon completion of her United Church lay reading study, St. Andrew's United Church, 163 Burton Cross Road, Burton, 2008. L-R: Dora Brown, Gale Detta, Eileen Townsend, Theo Huitema, Alice Watson, Shirley Neuls, Norma Cannon. Image in scrapbook assembled by members of St. Andrew's United Church, Burton.

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