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Arrow Lakes
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2017.025.5.64 Our Choir

: 2017.025.5.64



: 2000-12-13 - --

: Gale Detta

: St. Andrew's United Church

: 2000s, Angus; Rev. Catherine, Arrow Lakes Pastoral Charge, Burton Community Hall (modern), Cannon; Norma, Carols By Candlelight, choir, Christmas, church, Detta; Gale (Nelson), Messenger; Barbara, Moorhouse; Lenora, Munger; Jan, music, Neuls; Shirley, Robertson Memorial United Church, St. Andrew's United Church (Burton), Story; Suzanne, Story; Terry, and Townsend; Eileen

: Burton

1 colour photograph (15.1 cm x 10.1 cm)

Arrow Lakes Pastoral Charge Choir (joint choir of Robertson Memorial United Church, Nakusp, and St. Andrew's United Church, Burton) performing at Carols by Candlelight concert, Burton Community Hall, 125 Burton Main Road, 13 December 2000. L-R: Barbara Messenger, Norma Cannon, Shirley Neuls, Eileen Townsend, Suzanne Story, Lenora Moorhouse, Jan Munger, Rev. Catherine Angus, Gale Detta, Terry Story. Image from scrapbook St. Andrew's United Church Book III assembled by members of St. Andrew's United Church, Burton.

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