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2017.025.5.61 “Oh No!” “I can’t believe it!!!” (Lily draws her own ticket.)

: 2017.025.5.61



: 2000-04-01 - --

: Gale Detta

: St. Andrew's United Church

: 2000s, Burton Community Hall (modern), church, Grimmett; Lily (Marshall; Robertson), McCormack; Forest, McCormack; Riley, Philcox; Pat (McDonald), quilt, raffle, St. Andrew's United Church (Burton), and Story; Suzanne

: Burton

1 colour photograph (14.9 cm x 10.1 cm)

Lily Grimmett (centre) shows embarrassment after drawing her own name out of container in a quilt raffle, St. Andrew's United Church spaghetti dinner, Burton Community Hall, 125 Burton Main Road, 1 April 2000. L-R: Riley McCormack, Suzanne Story, Lily Grimmett, Forest McCormack. Image from scrapbook St. Andrew's United Church Book III assembled by members of St. Andrew's United Church, Burton.

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