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Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2017.025.3.40 Family Picnic, Burton Park, June 19, 1994.

: 2017.025.3.40



: 1994-06-19

: Gale Detta

: Gale Detta, Lily Grimmett, and St. Andrew's United Church

: 1990s, Arrow Lakes Pastoral Charge, church, John McCormack Memorial Park, picnic, Sparks; Rev. Will, and St. Andrew's United Church (Burton)

: Burton

1 colour photograph (15.1 cm x 10.2 cm)

Rev. Will Sparks (third from left) in conversation with attendees on baseball field, Arrow Lakes Pastoral Charge (United Church) family picnic, John McCormack Memorial Park, Burton, 19 June 1994. Image in scrapbook St. Andrew's United Church Book II compiled by Lily B. Grimmett and taken from holdings of St. Andrew's United Church, Burton.

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