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2017.025.1.51 Dedication service, Burton St. Andrew’s United Church, May 26, 1985

: 2017.025.1.51



: 1985-05-26 - --

: Gale Detta

: Lily Grimmett and St. Andrew's United Church

: 1980s, Brown; Bill, Brown; Dora, Budd; Jason, church, Dummerauf; Hans, Dummerauf; Helga, Grimmett; Lily (Marshall; Robertson), Guidon; Alphonse, Guidon; Blanche (Eheler), Hubert; Elsie, Kanemitsu; Harue, Kantrim; Tom, Keys; Horace, Klingspon; Margaret, Larger; Joan, Marshall; Athelia (Holford), Marshall; Ken, Marshall; Marilyn, McMullen; Betty, McMullen; Bill, Montgomery; Walt, Pohland; Lothar, Pohland; Renate 'Rene', St. Andrew's United Church (Burton), and Wright; M.

: Burton

1 colour photograph (12.0 cm x 10.1 cm)

Dedication service, new St. Andrew's United Church, 163 Burton Cross Road, Burton, 26 May 1985. Attendees listed in photo: Tom Kantrim, Bill McMullen, Mr. & Mrs. Dummerauf & mother, Betty McMullen, Lily Grimmett, Joan Larger, Dora Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Horace Keys (Trail), Blanche Guidon, Al Guidon, Ken Marshall, Marilyn Marshall, Athelia Marshall, Millar boys (front row), Mrs. & Mrs. M. Wright (Silverton), Margaret Klingspon, Elsie Hubert, Mr. & Rene Pohland, Dora Brown, Bill Brown, Mrs. Campbell (New Denver), Harue Kanemitsu (Fauquier), Walt Montgomery, Jason Budd. Image in scrapbook Building of St. Andrew's United Church, Burton, B.C., June 19th, 1984 to December 19th 1984 compiled by Lily B. Grimmett and taken from holdings of St. Andrew's United Church, Burton.

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