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2017.025.1.46 People who attended first service held on Dec. 9th

: 2017.025.1.46



: 1984-12-09

: Gale Detta

: Lily Grimmett and St. Andrew's United Church

: 1980s, Budd; Brenda, church, Grimmett; Lily (Marshall; Robertson), Klingspon; Ben, Klingspon; Margaret, Krey; Joan, Krey; Karen, McKoy; Angela, Merin; Norena, Millar; Heather, Montgomery; Lynn, Montgomery; Walt, Philcox; Bud, Philcox; Pat (McDonald), Reinoehl; Ines, Roberts; Betty, Roberts; Mark, St. Andrew's United Church (Burton), Stredulinsky; Estelle, Stredulinsky; Thoreen, and Williams; Betty (Gardner)

: Burton

1 colour photograph (8.8 cm x 8.8 cm)

Group portrait, attendees at inaugural service at new St. Andrew's United Church, 163 Burton Cross Road, Burton, 9 December 1984. TOP (l-r): Mark Roberts, Betty Williams (organist), Walt Montgomery, ?, Estelle Stredulinsky, Joan Krey, Norena Merin. 2ND TOP: Ben Klingspon, ?, Bette Roberts, Lynn Montgomery, Ines Reinoehl, Thoreen Stredulinsky, Brenda Budd. 2ND BOT: Bud Philcox, Pat Philcox, ? Roberts, Heather Millar, Angela McKoy, Karen Krey, Lily Grimmett. BOT: Margaret Klingspon, three Philcox grandchildren, Angela ?. Image in scrapbook Building of St. Andrew's United Church, Burton, B.C., June 19th, 1984 to December 19th 1984 compiled by Lily B. Grimmett and taken from holdings of St. Andrew's United Church, Burton.

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