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2017.024.4 Nakusp Old-timers gathered for a re-union May 25-26, 1925.

: 2017.024.4



: 1925-05-24 - 1925-05-25

: Ken M. Yingling

: George A. Meeres

: 1920s, Abriel; Thomas, Broadway Street, Cowan; Elizabeth (Goupille), Cowan; Stan, Edwards; Lewis J., Gayford; Ellen (McDougald), Goupille; Phoebe, Green; Robert 'Bob', Hamling; Chris Sr., Harlow; Sam, Hume; Fred, Hume; Mrs. Fred, Jordan-Williams; Blanche, Keys; George, LaBrash; Harry, McCormack Road, McLeod; John Neil, Morrison; James 'Jim', Nakusp Courthouse, Nakusp Oldtimers Reunion (1925), Parent; Alice Sr., Parent; Joseph Sr., Picard; Ed, Scott; Walter, Straus; Oscar, Symons; Andy, and Watt; Clark

: Nakusp

1 b/w photograph (20.4 cm x 9.3 cm)

Group portrait in front of government office (Nakusp Courthouse), 415 Broadway Street West, Nakusp, Oldtimers Reunion, 25-26 May 1925. TOP (l-r): Lewis Edwards, Fred Hume (of Nelson), Andy Symons, Walter Scott, Clark Watt (of Burton), John N. McLeod (of Edgewood), Harry Labrash, Jim Morrison, George Keys, Oscar Straus, Bob Green. BOT: Chris Hamling Sr., Ed Picard, Mrs. Fred Hume, Blanche Jordan, Ellen McDougald, Alice Parent Sr., Elizabeth Cowan, Thomas Abriel, Stan Cowan, Mrs. Goupille, John McCormack Sr. (of Burton), Joe Parent Sr., Sam Harlow. Photo by Geo. A. Meeres, Campbell Art Gallery, Nelson.

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