Paddle steamer wheel

Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2017.021.12.9 Minto — July 30/68

: 2017.021.12.9

: Q7-11


: 1968-07-30

: Nakusp & District Museum

: BC Hydro

: 1960s, BC Hydro, John Nelson farm, SS Minto, SS Minto burning (1968), sternwheelers, and Upper Arrow Lake

: Galena Bay

1 b/w negative (60 mm)

View from inside derelict sternwheeler SS Minto of a water pump used by BC Hydro to remove water from the ship’s hull, shore of John Nelson farm, Upper Arrow Lake, Galena Bay, 30 July 1968, so that Minto could be safely towed to centre of Upper Arrow Lake for its cremation the following day. Photo was deaccessioned from Nakusp & District Museum (accession no. 2001.013.08I).

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