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2017.018.2.1 Spicer twins in Spicer fields before flooding

: 2017.018.2.1



: 1955-- - 1957--

: Roma Hiebert

: Helen Roder and Robert Roder

: 1950s, farms, Spicer Farm, Spicer; Crystal, and Spicer; Janet

: Nakusp

1 digital print (12.0 cm x 8.3cm; part of 21.6 cm x 9.0 cm collage)

Twins Janet Spicer (left) and Crystal Spicer (right) posing in produce field, Spicer Farm, Nakusp, late 1950s. Village of Nakusp seen in background at right. Image is part of a collage with 2017.018.2.2. Photo by Robert & Helen Roder.

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