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2017.007.2.50 Monashee Mts. Mt. Burnham seen from Mt. Symonds

: 2017.007.2.50



: 1968-09-18

: Alice Watson

: Hans H. Leu

: 1960s, Monashee Mountains, Mount Burnham, Mount Grady, Mount Odin, Mount Symons, and rock outcrop

: Mount Symons and Pingston

1 b/w photograph (9.5 cm x 9.2 cm)

Mount Odin (left) and Mount Grady & Mount Burnham (right) as seen from Mount Symons west of Pingston, Monashee Mountains, 18 September 1968. Photo by Hans Leu, Burton. Inscription on rear: 'Mt. Odin from Mt. Symonds 18.IX.68'. Note proper spelling of 'Symons'.

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