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2017.007.2.24 Valhalla Mts.

: 2017.007.2.24



: 1964-07-24

: Alice Watson

: Hans H. Leu

: 1960s, Caribou Creek, Hela Peak, Nemo Creek, Selkirk Mountains, Snow Creek, Snow Creek Lake, and Valhalla Range

: Hela Peak, Queen Ridge, and Snow Creek Lake

1 b/w photograph triptych (45.2 cm x 11.2 cm)

90-degree panoramic triptych of Valhalla Range, Selkirk Mountains, 24 July 1964. Southeast is at left; southwest is at right. Photo by Hans Leu, Burton. Inscription on front: 'Valhalla Mts. Head of Caribou, Nemo, Snow Cr. Valleys. Valley of Slocan lake in left background. Panorama 90 degrees of horizon SE to SW'. Inscription on rear of left panel: 'Nemo Creek Valley with Slocan Lake Valley in far background. Foreground left: Springs of the Caribou Cr.' Inscription on rear of centre panel: 'Snow Creek Lake, Source of Snow Creek, North Arm. Mt. Hela in background.' Inscription on rear of right panel: 'Valhalla Mts, Snow Creek Valley, South Arm (upstream)'

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