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2017.004.46 Halcyon Homeless

: 2017.004.46



: 2002-07-01

: Judy Adams

: 2000s, Aalten; Edythe (Hiltz), Adams; Judy, Canada Day, Detta; Gale (Nelson), Halcyon Home/Halcyon House, Hawe; Lesley, Hilton; Holly, Irving; Edna, parade, and protest

: Nakusp

1 colour photograph (15.1 cm x 10.2 cm)

Halcyon Home residents and staff pose with parade float protesting potential closure of care home, July 1st parade, Nakusp, 1 July 2002. L-R: Gale Detta, ?, Judy Adams (top), Lesley Hawe (bottom), ?, Edna Irving, Holly Hilton, Edythe Aalten, ?.

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