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2016.020.5 Trojan Basketball Team, Nakusp, B.C.

: 2016.020.5



: 1933--

: Linda Osterlin

: 1930s, basketball, Bjorkland; Paul, Campe; Charlie, Carlson; Dan, Harley; Gordon, Howarth; Charlie, Jones; Roy, Nakusp Trojans, White; P., and White; Reg

: Nakusp

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Group portrait of championship-winning Nakusp Trojans basketball team on stoop, 1932-1933. TOP (l-r): Paul Bjorkland (guard, centre), Roy Jones (forward), P. White (guard), Charlie Campe (forward), G. Harley (centre). BOT: Dan Carlson (forward, guard), Reg White (captain, forward), Charlie Howarth (centre, guard)

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