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2016.013.5.27 Opening of the No. 6 highway – Edgewood to Vernon – 1925

: 2016.013.5.27



: 1925-09-

: Terryl Allen (Estate of Marvel Milne)

: 1920s, Cowell; Patsy, Highway 6, Johnstone; Eileen, Johnstone; Joyce, Johnstone; Mary (Murton), Monashee Highway opening (1925), Monashee Pass, picnic, Williams; Alfred, Williams; Jane, Williams; William, Wright; Rose (Williams), and Wright; Walter

: Monashee Pass

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Group from Edgewood having tea on roadside near Kettle River Bridge to commemorate opening of highway between Edgewood and Vernon (future Highway 6), September 1925. L-R: Rose Wright, Mary Johnstone, Eileen Johnstone, Patsy Cowell, Joyce Johnstone, Walter Wright, Alfred Williams, Jane Williams, William Williams.

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