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2016.013.10.9 Mr. W.J. Banting taking Fire Valley pupils to Edgewood.

: 2016.013.10.9



: 1919-10-

: Terryl Allen (Estate of Marvel Milne)

: 1910s, automobiles, Banting; William J., bus, Inonoaklin Valley Road, Inonoaklin Valley School, school, and school bus

: Edgewood

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W.J. Banting driving students from the Inonoaklin Valley in his truck to see the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire (Governor-General Victor Cavendish and Evelyn Cavendish), October 1919. This was the first truck in Edgewood. Inonoaklin Valley School in background. Notes from Mary (Mills) Woods, Edgewood schoolteacher at this time: “Bill Banting taking Fire Valley school kids to see Duke & Duchess of Devonshire, Oct 1919. We waited in freezing rain until 4 pm before the Bonnington came. The Duchess made a big fuss over a Dutch baby. The Duke was supposedly too drunk to get off the boat.”

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