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2016.013.10.74 The home of Harry and Emily Old. 1916 Fire Valley.

: 2016.013.10.74



: 1916--

: Terryl Allen (Estate of Marvel Milne)

: 1910s, Flick; Edith (Old), Oakdene (Old family farm), Old; Emily (Kirby), Old; Frank, and Old; Harold

: Edgewood

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Old family posing in front of Harry Old and Emily Old home, north end of Inonoaklin Valley between Needles and Edgewood, 1916. Notes from Marvel Milne: 'Land now owned by Jones [1970s] – has new home built by A. Flick [Art Flick, the Olds' grandnephew] on the old site. Uncle and aunt of E. Flick [Art's mother Edith Flick, who was raised by Harry and Emily].' L-R: ? (foreground), Emily Old, Edith Old, Frank Old, Harry Old.

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