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2016.013.1.49 Grand Finale “The Glad Eye”, Edgewood Pavilion

: 2016.013.1.49



: 1920-- - 1929--

: Terryl Allen (Estate of Marvel Milne)

: 1920s, Blakeman; Percy, Collins; Leila, Edgewood Pavilion (Naylor's Hall), Ellis; Frank, Gold; Arthur, Hughes; Leslie 'Les', Johnstone; Walter, Kelso; Madeline (Eselmont), Kelso; Vernon, Lakes; Barbara (Church), Mant; Fred, Naylor; John, Nesbitt; Margaret (Leighton), play/theatre, and Yeld; Dr. Reginald

: Edgewood

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Cast on stage during the finale of the first performance of The Glad Eye, Edgewood Pavilion (Naylor's Hall), 1920s. L-R: Leslie Hughes, Maggie Leighton, Leila Collins, Dr. Reginald Yeld, Arthur Gold, Frank Ellis, Walter Johnstone, Vernon Kelso, Barbara Church, Fred Mant, Percy Blakeman, Madeline Kelso (elder), John Naylor.

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