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2016.010.9 Nakusp Elementary School Staff 1989-90

: 2016.010.9



: 1989-09-

: Annette Devlin

: 1980s, Brellisford; Wil, Chernoff; Liz (Koochin), Conlan; Neil, Dennill; Heather, Devlin; Annette (Hopp), Graham; Carol, Harding; George, Heppner; Shannon, Hopp; Marj (Volansky), Kermeen; Iris, Moyer; Bob, Nakusp Elementary School, Robison; Bill, school, Scott; Claudette, Turner; Jim, Watson; Alice, and Whalen; Paul

: Nakusp

1 colour photograph (20.3 cm x 12.7 cm)

Staff portrait, Nakusp Elementary School, 1989-1990. TOP(l-r): Neil Conlan, Bill Robison, Wil Brellisford, Bob Moyer, Jim Turner. MID: Paul Whalen, Liz Koochin, Alice Watson, Heather Dennill, Shannon Heppner, Claudette Scott. BOT: Iris Kermeen, Marj Hopp, George Harding, Annette Devlin, Carol Graham

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