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2016.005.40 Mr. & Mrs. Spiller 55th wedding anniversary 1952

: 2016.005.40



: 1952-05-18 - --

: Annette Devlin and Bruce Rohn

: Walker family

: 1950s, Aspinall; Mr., Aspinall; Mrs., Boden; Edith, Devlin; Wilfred 'Scotty', Drysdale; Nellie, Reid; Lizzie (Campbell), Reid; Walter, Spiller; Barbara, Spiller; Edward, Walker; Edith (Reid), Walker; Jim, and wedding

: Fauquier

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Group celebrating 55th wedding anniversary of Edward Spiller & Barbara Spiller, Fauquier, 18 May 1952. TOP (L-R): Jim Walker, Edith Walker, Lizzie Reid, Walter Reid, Mrs. Aspinall, Mr. Aspinall. BOT: Scotty Devlin, Nellie Drysdale, Edward Spiller, Barbara Spiller, Mrs. Boden

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