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Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2016.005.383 W.D.J. & W.C.J. 1930 in front of Sherwood

: 2016.005.383



: 1930--

: Annette Devlin and Estate of Wilfrid Jowett

: 1930s, Jowett; Walter Cyril, Jowett; Wilfrid Deiniol, Lower Arrow Lake, rowboat, and Sherwood (Jowett family residence)

: Applegrove and Edgewood

1 b/w digital photograph (3749 pixels x 2141 pixels)

Edgewood postmaster Wilfrid Jowett (left) and brother Walter Jowett (right) in rowboat about to cross Lower Arrow Lake from their Sherwood Ranch to Edgewood, 1930.

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